Meet Karin

With nearly three decades as an event manager and caterer in Australia, England and Canada, Catering By Design’s Managing Director, Karin Slade, is known in the business as the “stress remover”.

“Whenever I’m organising an event, my mission is always to ensure you will enjoy your event as if you were a guest yourself!

“By taking the time to firstly get to know you and understand what you want from your event, my team and I can remove any stress or concerns you might have…

…creating an outcome that is memorable, fun and within your budget.”

Karin has an Associate Diploma in Hotel and Club Management and she also trained in Commercial Cookery at Ryde College of Catering Studies at Hotel Management. She founded Catering By Design in 1999 following years of private catering work in private homes for corporate CEO’s and families.

“My team and I specialise in getting it done, being flexible, making YOU look great, supporting YOUR budget…and always having fun!

“We’ve catered for hundreds of weddings, and catered for and coordinated over 2000 birthday parties in locations as diverse as England, Canada and Mexico.

“Our catering and event management expertise includes theme catering; indoor and outdoor catering; catering offshore or on boats; Sydney Harbour islands, corporate events, boardroom catering and CEO private dining experiences; private in-home catering; celebrity event celebrations…you name it, we’ve organised it!”

Born and bred on the Northern Beaches, where she still lives today, Karin supports many of the local surf clubs by regularly using them as venues for clients and becoming involved in many of the community surf club charitable events.

Karin is passionate about giving back and helping others, which is why she recently set up and ran a hugely successful fundraiser called Feed the Farmers.

“When I visited the farmers in January to deliver the funds we’d raised I realised just what a huge impact we had on both the farmers and on their community.”

Karin also owns an incredible event venue called Chinwaggery, Ponderosa House, which is also available for you to hire as your “home away from home”.

“Growing up we all had big backyards and we would hold our 18ths, 21st and sometimes even our engagement parties and weddings at home.

“Chinwaggery gives you the opportunity to enjoy that experience, even if you don’t have a big backyard of your own. Surf clubs can sometimes be expensive or difficult to secure a booking because they are often so busy, which is why I created a wonderful venue where you can enjoy a home party.

“Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor celebrations, Chinwaggery has a full commercial catering kitchen in-house, huge open fire, a gorgeous room for a wedding reception, a meeting room for a corporate event and an intimate garden setting … all without noise restrictions.”

For Karin, the focus of her business always has been and always will be fixed very firmly on her customers, who can’t stop recommending her services to their friends and colleagues.

Contact Karin on or give me a call on 0412 269 049.

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