Yes, Catering By Design can handle as much or as little of your event as you would like. Our event consultants can assist you with all aspects, from tables and chairs, linen, glassware, music/entertainment, theming, décor and of course your ideal menu to suit your budget.

Because all of our menus are customised for each individual, prices vary according to the customer’s menu selections. CBD will always try guiding you so that your menu is within your budget. It is always best to tell your event manager an accurate budget from the very beginning so they can best serve you.

Our chefs are trained in a wide array of cuisines. Whether you want “Aussie”, Mexican, Vietnamese, Cajun, Thai, French, Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or a fusion of cuisines, our talented team of chefs are here to carry out your perfect menu.

As vegans are a growing part of the foodies, we have worked hard to develop unique and interesting menu ideas for all our special dietary clients.

We can provide you with any equipment you might need for your event. Tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, glassware, linens, sound, lights, décor, portable restrooms, flowers, candles, lounge furniture just to name some!

Any hire equipment outside of what we automatically supply are listed and are usually priced separately so you can see exactly what everything will cost in the costing estimate.

Yes, We also have all the mixers and bar set ups you need. If it is just coffee, soft drinks and bottled water, we can help you with that as well.

Yes you can provide your own alcohol if you prefer. And if you still need us to provide your mixers and ice, we can do that for you.

We would be happy to help you find your ideal location. It is always better to find the location first before designing a menu to ensure that the menu can be executed at the venue you have selected.

Location should come first. We can assist with your ideal venue or location – on land or on the sea!

Karin has been booking bands and performers for over 30 years. It can be as simple as a harpist or solo guitarist or pick up the beat with fabulous bands – dance bands, Top 40, jazz bands and brass bands.

We typically arrive 1.5 to 2 hours before an event unless your set up is more elaborate and requires additional time.

CBD has over 30 years’ experience in catering. Our chefs know exactly how much you need. We would be so embarrassed if we ran out of food! Your budget and choices will determine the extent of how well your guests will be fed.

We ask for a “hold the date” payment of $500 plus GST. This is so that CBD will be available on their specific date. The balance is due 10 days before the event. (this is relaxed for events with short notice such as wakes)

Our staff members are experienced professionals and are paid accordingly. It is completely up to you if you wish to tip the staff. If they exceed your expectations, then feel free to tip them. Thank you x

Kitchens are considered a luxury to us! We have created kitchens in warehouses with a tap and electricity. We have fed hundreds in parks with no electricity. Just be sure to tell us what there is to work with. We don’t want you to fall in love with a menu that can’t be produced for lack of a kitchen or facilities.

The sooner you book the date the better. Certain months book up more than a year out. This is why we encourage clients to call us as soon as they have picked their date. You can pay a “hold the date” fee” to secure the date and work on the details later.

When you sign your contract, give us an estimate on the number of guests attending your event. Your final count is ten days before the event along with your final payment after which no further decreases are allowed. Should your guest count increase during the last two weeks, we will be more than happy to accommodate. Remember, band members should be included in the final count unless you have made other arrangements for the meal.

If your event is still in full swing, your event coordinator will approach you prior to the end of the event to see if you want to extend. If you do, additional charges will apply for staff and not for food.

We cater for events of any size, from small intimate events as well as large elaborate events. So, call us for “gourmet to go” for 2 people or corporate events for 1000 plus.

Our menus are all written specifically for our clients. Menus are completely flexible. Whether you want to eliminate garlic or nuts, increase spices or need vegan, vegetarian or gluten free items, we are more than happy to accommodate any request.

We will ask you exactly what you had in mind. We then write sample menus for your review. Additional consultations and revisions are available until we have designed the perfect menu for you

Whether we provide the cake or you provide it, we do not charge a cake cutting fee. Our staff is there for you, cake cutting and serving is complimentary.

Our standard uniform is black dress pants or skirt, our signature black with white pinstripe shirt. We also can dress more formally or informally if the occasion indicates.

You can certainly hire your own suppliers. However, since we will not be in control of supplier performance, you will be responsible for working directly with the suppliers for what equipment you need, design floor plans, providing someone to check the orders the day of the event and to be sure the venue is set according to your plan and for any loss or breakage.

Our wedding sales associate will provide basic coordination during your event. She will make sure your wedding reception is set and ready to go before guests arrive, will keep the food restocked on the buffet and advise you when it is time to cut the cake. If you want a coordinator to help with the ceremony, or day of activities, we can provide a wedding coordinator dedicated specifically to your needs at an additional charge.

We have a list of florists that we have worked with on a regular basis for many years. Just ask us and we can narrow the list based on your particular taste and style. Not all florists have the same style, costs or look and we want to be sure we recommend the right one for you.

When we provide your hire equipment, we will support you with floor plans based on our years of experience. A successful floor plan allows for good flow for your guests, no bottlenecking and visually pleasing results.

We accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard. We do not automatically add the credit cards fees to our pricing. If you decide you want to use a credit card, the fees are added to the total amount charged. This fee is 3% of the amount of the charge.

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